Kids Farming Outfit

How often do you see little kids aging 3 years old love to go and play at the farm?

If you didn’t know it, my nephew – Didong, loves to be at the farm. He loves to play the soil, worms and of course, those products that we have. He keeps on throwing and then picking those loose fruits and doing it all over again.

Kids Farming Outfit

Kids Farming Outfit

Aside from the usual games he used to do at the farm, he also loves to ride on a Carabao which pulls all the fruit products from the most interior area of the farm moving out to the main street. Another thing which excites Didong much in terms of farming is wearing his kids farming outfit. He has his own farming attire — rubber boots, farming jackets, farming shirts and farming pants.

I’ll show you more of Didong‘s enjoyable moments in the farm.

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